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Video Vantage Pro Review
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I was really fed up because I was not getting any traffic and not making any money online. The process of making money with Youtube is pretty simple… but I did have one problem with it. Now don’t get me wrong, it works. First off, you pick a video. Videos are so much better than […]
No BS Listbuilding Review | Mark Thompson Product
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No BS Listbuilding is a 23 page ebook and include two training videos with detailed no fluff step by step guide outlining 3 highly effective list building methods. If you are not a total newbie then I guess you already know importance of list building and email marketing for success of your online business. If […]
Ultimate 2013 Gameplan Review | Jason Parker Product
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Ultimate 2013 Gameplan is a product for all serious list builders who want to make money online using powerful old school email marketing technique. Author Jason Parker launched Ultimate 2013 Gameplan after his impressive three years in row 6 figure income streak.  In this product, he is revealing his own game-plan for year 2013. Now […]

#2 Best Selling WSO In Warriorforum - Fast Attack Traffic !


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Exact Free Traffic Methods I Use To Create $35,000+ Monthly On Autopilot !

"My Step-By-Step Blueprint Reveals The EXACT Free Methods I Personally Use ToIncrease Buyer TrafficTo ANY Site or Page by 1000%+..."

Original Reviews Of This WSO From Warriorforum From Peoples Which Tried This Amazing Product:
Originally Posted by eibhlin View Post
Your earlier, FastAttack SEO product was so amazing...You shared secrets some gurus had been hiding from us for years.

So, when I heard that this product was available, I wasted no time clicking to buy it... before you look at the price on your WSO and realize it's a typo! (Craig, there's a zero missing. There's no way you should be selling this at such a low price. I'd jump at this if the price was 10x higher, and still figure it's a steal.)

All in all, I'm thrilled with this product and grateful to get it as a WSO. It applies to almost any online business model, and it's filled with the solid, no-nonsense information that puts your products well above most WSOs.

Great info. Low price. Lots of flexibility for any online business model. Easy to implement whether you're a beginner or a pro.
Yep, that sums it up.
Originally Posted by GarryMSayer View Post
Just purchased and am going through the material now but wanted to leave a quick review.

This is high quality information that will seriously help people drive free highly targeted traffic to their sites and offers.

The presentation and formatting of the main guide is ultra-professional, and the daily schedule is perfect for those who find it difficult to focus and struggle to take action on a regular basis.
Originally Posted by willcosys View Post
You have definietly done it again...

FastAttackSEO is a goldmine for anyone that actually uses it, but for those that can't afford to wait to see some cash coming in FastAttackTraffic will definitely get you off to a great start to making some coin while you are waiting for your serp rankings to rise.

These two guides MUST be used together if you are serious about building a long term business on the net. I am currently making 5+ figures per month online and the techniques and tactics taught in both of these courses are a big part of what I have done to get to that point.

With everything that is included in the offer, buying this is a complete no-brainer (and if you ask my wife she will tell you that I am an expert on no-brainers!).

To anyone still reading: Buy this now and take action on it or stay broke! The choice is yours.
Originally Posted by linkwhizz View Post
Didnt even read the sales letter. Theres no point..Craig Mako is a guy you pay attention to, if he has some traffic advice then I'm all ears!
Originally Posted by garywynder View Post
I don't buy everything, but I am going to buy this because I have to say that I am very impressed in particular by your outstanding level of personal support relating to any WSO you release. . .

I am buying this now. . . because I know before I even see it that this will be more than worth the very modest price you are asking for this WSO!
Originally Posted by bde456 View Post
Fast Attack Traffic is a solid, actionable plan for boosting traffic. I like that the steps are laid out in a daily plan format. The mind map gives a great overview of the system. But my favorite part is the manual itself.

The whole system isn't "flashy", but if followed should result in years of targeted traffic. Nice!
Originally Posted by mmmachines View Post
Hey Craig, Thanks for yet another EXCELLENT offer!!

We all know how well your last one did ..."Fast Attack SEO"...so when I saw this one I immediately grabbed it and recommended every one of my subscribers to get it.

We all know how important it is to get good quality traffic, and reading through everything you put together I know I will benefit as well as my subscribers.

This is definitely a "Game Changer" and at the price ... a no brainer!
Originally Posted by stlwebbusiness View Post
Craig, I know traffic is one of the most important things you must have in your on-line business and you sure know how to get it.

As always man, I'm appreciative for your great guidance and helping others become successful in our businesses. As most people know there are some less than honest marketers that take your money and don't even care about you.

Well guys, not with Craig. He is a straight forward guy that will actually help you and genuinely cares for his Fast Attack SEO family. I truly believe that.
Originally Posted by Donbaba View Post
I have FastAttackSEO, and just bought FastAttackTraffic and it will be a plus. You always deliver quality Craig, and for the price, I dont need to read the sales page.

Trust me this guy rocks!
Originally Posted by mytoy78 View Post
For anyone who doesn't know Craig or his WSO's, he is a Seo/SEM/PPC/Copywriting/People Loving/backlinking badass that is set to go nebular.

If you are looking for a solid, well written, fluff free, content packed WSO then this will be it..

And as for his his personal support???

Let's just say for that alone, you could pay 100x the measly cost of this WSO and would still feel like you are ripping the guy off.
Originally Posted by Nile Vincent View Post
Anyone who picked up Craig's earlier FastAttackSEO will have no problem complimenting it with this new product. Craig has outdone himself again on this traffic manifesto...
Originally Posted by nomadic1 View Post
Excellent guide on driving traffic!

Traffic is the lifeblood and is often overlooked and trumped by "ranking" in the mindset of the professional SEO. But at the end of the day, if you're not gaining traffic to a client's site or your own site, your services are useless!

A must buy especially at the price point.


TRAFFIC Is The Foundation Of Your Entire Business In IM. Yet So Many Get Stuck At
The First Part Of A Successful Formula...

The secret of successful Internet Marketing that so few people realize early on, is that no matter what niche you're in, your TIME is the most precious resource you possess. 

Figuring out how to lock-down on the RIGHT ways to drive endless traffic in as SHORT a timeframe as possible is absolutely the hardest challenge in this competitive industry, and if you WASTE time by just shooting blindly in the dark "hoping" that what you're doing will work as time passes,you're nearly guaranteed to fail. 

You wind up costing yourself potentially thousands of dollars due to not finding the solution quickly enough...and you risk running out of $$$ before you DO finally figure it out and break through.

Personally, I had a decent May in terms of income. I took more time off and fooled around more than I should have, but that's what happens when you're making well into 5-figures a month and life is relatively easy. You lose that "hunger" that you had when you were struggling, because you can do what you want, buy what you want, enjoy what you want, whenever you want

Especially when the weather is nice, and that inflatable floating lounge chair in the pool is calling your name. Very tough to resist!!! 

So here are the details for May, pulled directly from my own accounts. Please note that this doesn't include ANY income I generated as a partner in my SEO firm, this is just my own NET revenue from my own personal sites/products from the traffic I create and send to them on near-autopilot:

My Clickbank promotions were also a little below average for the month. This is income that's been building up from passive traffic over the past year from multiple different niches:

The bottom line is pretty simple. Unless you're getting enough eyeballs on your pages, you're NOT going to generate the income you've been working so hard to achieve. That's the truth, clear as day, and it's been that way for me personally since the first day I got into the make-money-online game.

STOP Running Around Blindfolded In A Room Full Of Land Mines! Use My Step-By-Step Planto Finally Achieve The Traffic Needed To Earn Income And Profits At "Guru" Levels:

Fellow Warrior, 

I know how brutal the journey in IM can be, as I've been where you may be right now. Struggling to get the bills paid, your spouse asking questions that you can't answer, wondering if your family is going to be able to make mortgage or any of the other bills that come relentlessly each month.

It's terrifying, and it's an all too real scenario for the vast majority of people trying to generate income via online methods.

For me personally the break through didn't come until I was down to less than $500 in our main bank account, and as my wife was preparing boxes for us to move out of our home. 

Just typing that now two years later still brings up a lot of emotion within me. 

was it close, and the days were just awful. She was all over me for the stress I was putting her through (justifiably), and I was killing myself with guilt, along with hundreds of "what if" moments in the mirror, like "what if I could go back in time and make this or that change". Just awful, and no way to live. 

But as you'll learn in the introduction section of FastAttackTraffic, my breakthrough began when I finally STOPPED looking for "push-button" nonsense solutions to try and make it in this ultra-competitive industry, and started listening to those who had already made it.

When I embraced what marketers who were far more experienced than myself were teaching, andwhen I focused in on the fundamentals that so many IM fortunes have been built from, the gates finally opened and was saved. 

Ultimately that shift in thinking led not only to financial freedom, but to partnerships with peopleI now consider family in businesses that offer services in SEO, traffic generation, online marketing, and other areas.

And to think it all started just by making a change, just by embracing the FACT that while there are NO MAGIC SOLUTIONS to obtaining IM riches, there are definitely ways to speed up the trip...

This is everything I've learned during the journey, everything I do to generate massive traffic and produce income/sales, and everything I teach students who are just trying to achieve the dream of FREEDOM

FastAttackTraffic is my entire process for free traffic generation and promotion, and it doesn't require anything having to do with SEO, writing 20 articles a day, Paid PPC, Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other more common ways people use to generate traffic. 

It's a complete step-by-step blueprint that anyone at any skill level can follow and quickly increase their traffic, earnings, and success levels...even if they've never had ANY luck in building up high levels of traffic to their online properties previously. 

These traffic methods are 100% whitehat, targeted to any niche you're pursuing, and will convert with any type of marketing method you use: AdSense, Clickbank, CPA Offers, Amazon, etc, etc, everything works when you're driving quality traffic to your promotion pages.

And it's a system that once in place will continue to generate tens of thousands of visitors for you as time passes on complete autopilot, without you ever needing to return and babysit your efforts!

FastAttackTraffic is a simple, reliable, time-tested plan, that helps you not only take advantage of multiple traffic sources few marketers are using properly, but will send actual BUYING traffic to your door instead of wasting your time and effort with traffic that NEVER converts into sales! 

Just A FEW Of The Incredible Tactics, and Secrets FastAttackTraffic Contains:

· The reason why 95% of internet marketers fail (and it's NOT because they "don't take action")...

· The simple explanation of why IMers fall into push-button traps that DESTROY their future...

· The real secret of how a few marketers break through and get rich, where most wind up broke...

· The foundation and of ALL our traffic tactics: Building "The Rocket" to take us to the stars...

· The exclusive "Content Multiplying" formula we use to increase net results by 10x...

· The precise "Kill Shot" tactic that lets others waste time building while you STEAL their readers...

· The tool we use to get hundreds of FREE Solo Ads to targeted ezines without ever paying a DIME...

· The way we use our "Mardi Gras" Content Multiplier to earn immediate social trust and sales...

· The process we call "Whale Watching", which plugs us into millions of potential buyers...

· The instant-authority building traffic generator we use and call "Hot For Teacher"...

· The simple conversion that leads to traffic for years, our "I Can Hear You Now" method...

· The reason you'll find "Vacation Photos" to be one of the easiest ways to double traffic instantly...

· The "Sharing Is Caring" tactic we use, and why you'll laugh all the way to the bank...

· The easy to learn but hard to master "Hummingbird", which provides lightning-fast results...

· The trap a few popular "Ernest Hemingway" Warriors are leading marketers to their doom with...

It's Taken Me Over TWO YEARS To Get To This Level of $$$ Using Free Traffic , But You'll Catch Up To My Knowledge In Half A DAY...

I'd love to sit here and tell you that making money in IM with free traffic is so complicated that you need to hire me at a consulting fee of $300 per hour for many one-on-one sessions.

The truth though is that it simply isn't necessary. At all.

"Gurus" love to play up the thought that NOTHING can be done without their sage-like knowledge, and that if you're going to even have a shot at your dream, you've got to pay their $1995 fee for whatever live event/webinar/VIP-coaching class, or other training they're out hustling. 

Otherwise you're NOT going to make it.


As you go through FastAttackTraffic the first time, probably by skimming through it, you'll think "oh I know this, I know that, I've heard of this, I've heard of that, nothing new, blah blah", etc, etc.

But if that's the case, and you know everything already...why are you still failing?

Why are you in the "WSO" section of Warrior Forum, instead of just being logged into your Clickbank account or PayPal account or whatever INCOME account your products use all day instead?

Remember: There is NO MAGIC BULLET, the secret to success lies in the little things people like myself are doing differently from the masses. It's those nuggets, hidden within the depth ofFastAttackTraffic, that will get you to the level you want to be at while the other 95% fail. 

You DON'T know what you THINK you know.

Otherwise you'd be out in the pool watching the money roll in. That's not meant to hurt you, as it took me far too long to understand that same simple truth. 

I was stubborn, cynical, and thought I was the expert when I entered IM. Thought I knew everything, and was quick to dismiss the very same guides and help that later would make me $50k+ per month, instead trying to look for the "real push-button solution". 

What a nightmare, I can only look back at myself and laugh at how stupid I was...

And that's why to make sure you absorb and understand all of the subtle hints, tips, tricks, and other secret information contained in our full method, and to prevent you from going down my same hard road, I'm including everything you need to get started TODAY:

#1 : FastAttackTraffic - Main Program Guide

* 45-Page PDF Report Detailing The Entire Step-By-Step Process Of How To Drive Endless Traffic To Any Site, Page, or Promotion You're Running At NO COST

(don't worry, it's an easy read and simple to follow)

#2 : FastAttackTraffic - Mind Map Guide

* Detailed Visual Map Showing The Entire Flow Of The System On A Single Page

(wash, rinse, and repeat, with true scalability)

#3 : FastAttackTraffic - Daily Schedule

* The Correct Pace And Daily Routine To Keep You On Track For Constant Traffic Growth

(you'll get faster each time you go through it)

The entire FastAttackTraffic package was designed to be easily absorbed after just a single reading, as we want everyone from the raw beginner to the hardcore IM veteran to be able to benefit for the various tactics without getting overloaded or feeling overwhelmed.

Here's my pledge to you:

Get FastAttackTraffic and go through just the first few chapters. If you don't already feel like you've gotten TEN TIMES your money's worth, then send me a private message and I'll refund your purchase immediately. 

Even better, take AS LONG AS YOU LIKE, and benefit from everything the program includes. Then if for ANY reason you're unsatisfied, let me know and I'll still return every penny of your purchase...even if it's YEARS from now!

That's how supremely-confident I am that you'll not only get RESULTS from our system, but that you'll achieve rankings for competitive keywords you thought were IMPOSSIBLE previously.